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Learn some simple techniques to shift from judgement to acceptance

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Potty Training - while you're there, why not flush the blocked energy from your system?

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Believe it or not, your BFF is still out there (or in there)...

An exploration on what constitutes forgiveness in our lives

Can water wash away anxiety? Yes! And it can even do more...

Identifying your energy thieves is the first step to determining which safeguards you need to utilize

These 'power up' energy exercises will boost your joy and light

A brief description and benefits of learning energy medicine

A four minute video to help prepare you for the upcoming empath exercises

Learn which empath traits might be affecting the quality of your life the most

What is the difference between a highly sensitive person (HSP) and an empath?

In the introduction to this blog workshop, you will learn some interesting facts about ENERGY

Incorporate Jenny's Self-Love routine into your own daily life!

Learn three new exercises to protect you from energy thieves

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