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The Human Sponge

Workshop: Part 6 - Protection Exercises

Jeannette Folan
June 17, 2019

Learn three new exercises to protect you from energy thieves


To review, there are two categories of exercises used in The Human Sponge workshop. The first group we learned about the was POWER UP exercises. They are proactive and are all about YOU — helping you get strong and powerful from the inside out. Sometimes that comes from power poses, music therapy, touch therapy or grounding.

POWER UPs are essential to keeping your energy flowing and balanced. Think of them like a vitamin you would take each morning before facing your day. And the great thing about Power Ups is that you can't overdose!

Today we're talking about PROTECTION exercises. They relate more to the people around you — helping you maintain your energy boundaries. (No, you're not going to have to wear a banana rain slicker — but deep down you know you want to).

The three exercises presented today include: The "Bubble", "The Armour" and the "Zip Up":

You might remember the Bubble from a scene in "Diary of a Teenage Empath" when Nathan teaches the technique to Jenny. (p. 54)

He instructed me to stand across from him and close my eyes. “‘The Bubble’ is the most basic and sometimes most effective exercise. Keeping your eyes closed, take a few deep breaths and imagine a large translucent bubble in front of you — the kind like you had when you were a kid with the little plastic wand you blew through. Do you have it in your mind?” I nodded, noticing how his voice had become low and hypnotic. “Good. Now imagine the bubble moving toward you until you are completely surrounded by it. You are now inside the bubble. Can you feel it?” A smile spread across my face that I couldn’t contain. I felt lighter, more relaxed, and at ease with myself.

“Although you can see everything around you, and you are physically visible to everyone, your energy — your energetic field, that is — is safe and protected in the bubble. This includes your thoughts, which are now completely your own, and your feelings, which are no longer affected by outside influencers. You are only you — all you — inside the bubble. Can you feel it?”

I did. It was like nothing I’d experienced before. It was an instant shift in my physical, mental, and emotional state.

So let's try the Bubble exercise now.

Close your eyes.  Imagine a beautiful bubble of bright rainbow light as big as your whole body.  The bubble can be wherever you want it to be…. Here in this room, at the park, at the beach or in your own house.  

Imagine the bubble moving towards you and then settling around you so that it completely covers you.  Feel what it’s like to be inside this light bubble space where your thoughts and feelings and physical body are completely yours.   You are surrounded by its glowing protection.

Take a deep breath in.  As you do this, say in your head or out loud: "I am whole and complete within myself.  My energy is my in this space. I am shielded from all other".

The Bubble is a great tool if you find yourself around intense energy. How will you know it's intense? Because you'll either see and/or hear it (like an argument between two or more people) or you'll feel it (a sudden shift in your own physical or emotional state).

Your bubble will keep you in balance with the “vibes” that you pick up from others as you go through your day. You can have some fun with it, too.  Imagine in your bubble that you're on a trip to Disney or floating in the pool.

The Zip Up is one from the book of Donna Eden Energy Medicine (which we will cover in future posts). For now, what you need to know is that the pathway that runs from your pubic bone to your upper lip is a vital energy meridian - somewhat like a zipper.

To zip up your central meridian, follow these steps:

  1. Place your hands on top of your pubic bone
  2. Draw your hands up slowly in a straight line along your belly, continuing all the way up and stopping at your bottom lip
  3. Separate your hands once they are at your bottom lip, sending them out and then down again to the starting position. This motion will look like you are making the shape of a heart. Repeat slowly three times. Include the mantra "My energy is safe within me."


The Armour is all about body language and our intentional thoughts. It's a great one for when you are in public (since it doesn't look nearly as ridiculous as doing a Zip Up in the middle of the gym or lunch room!)

No matter where we are or where it's coming from, there is always light and heavy energy around us. (Okay, sometimes we do know where it's coming from and we all hate bad breakups, but let's face it...are there any good ones?)

Take a breath in, as you exhale, think "My armour protects me from all negative energy." Continue breathing - stand with your arms crossed if that helps you - and now imagine what type of armour you are wearing. Is it medieval chain link style? Or perhaps stormtrooper armour? Maybe even GoT's Brienne of Tarth?

Whatever your personal armour style, be confident that by choosing to put your armour on, you are emitting energy like a signal that directs other's energy from infiltrating you.

More exercises are always coming. Sign up so you don't miss any!

... Soak it Up!

Jeannette Folan
Jeannette is the author of "Diary of a Teenage Empath", co-author of the Energy Skills Workbook and Integrative Health Coach. When she realized she was an empath, she immersed herself in learning everything she could from healers, coaches, therapists, books, blogs...

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