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Are You Facing Your Fears About The Shift?

It's all part of the process, but...

Many sensitive souls have been experiencing the symptoms of the radical shift happening at this time on earth. Besides the physical and mental symptoms, the emotional fears about what the shift means to us as individuals, communities and the world can be overwhelming.

The most common fears held by those on this journey include:

  • fear of losing the life they have always known
  • fear of losing themselves (personality, identity)
  • afraid they won't relate to others anymore
  • fear they won't be able to continue on this's too hard
  • afraid to be separated from loved ones who are not on the same spiritual path

If you have been experiencing any of these fears, know that you are not alone. But fears generate resistance within the mind and the body - which can contribute to pain and unease.  Below we're going to take a look at one simple strategy that can help ease your fear and resistance.

When you ease your resistance to change,
change becomes easier.

You might think that you are the same person you've always been and that you don't have any choice to be someone different. Yet science shows that we are changing all the time. For example, the cells in our body are regenerated every 7-10 years, which means that we are literally a whole new physical person! And while it was once thought that our personalities were fully formed in childhood, it's now believed that we continue to develop emotionally into our 40's or 50's. Finally, while our brains might be wired a certain way (sparking beliefs or habits that no longer serve us), neuroscience is exploding now with studies that demonstrate how the brain can be

Jeannette Folan
Jeannette is the author of the novel "Diary of a Teenage Empath" and two HSP/Empath workbooks for children & teens. She is an Integrative Health Coach who, with her mentor Dr. Wendy Nickerson, launched the first-ever accredited HSP training program for mental health professionals. She leads an HSP community group in Halifax and advocates for HSPs in the mental health community.
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