Learning Material

for HSPs & Empaths of all ages

Workbooks & video training for adults, teens, kids and mental health professionals.

These educational - training materials go beyond traditional books and videos by giving you interactive, in-the-moment, experiential activities, games and exercises that will help you build your 'HSP/empath muscles'.

HSP Certification / CE Course for Mental Health Professionals

The first accredited training course for professionals working with Highly Sensitive / Empath adults or teens. With 10 hours of self-paced video, animations, quizzes, handouts and a marketing guide to help you grow your business.

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Identity, Boundaries & Relationships Video Training

This one-hour training dives deep into the psychology of HSP/Empath relationships, offering assessments, strategies, tools and bonus material.

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Energy Skills for HSP / Empath Teens

Learn the science behind an HSP's identity, boredom, isolation, body language and more — and techniques to flourish with your sensitivity.

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Discovering the Power of Sensitivity

An activity book for (parents of) HSP kids to learn how their sensitivity relates to the energy around them and how to work with it in harmony.

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The Complete Empath Toolkit

This training course includes an ebook, 9+ hours of audio, two LIVE mentoring sessions with Dr. Michael Smith and access to continuously updated content. An amazing deal!

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Morning Energy Routine for HSPs & Empaths

A 25-page mobile-friendly guidebook with 13 exercises to get your mind-body-spirit connected and powered up for a fantastic day!

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The Energy of Empath Relationships

This guide demonstrates the ways our energy affects our relationships and how we can change it to allow for more open, honest, fulfilling exchanges to occur.

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Learning to See the God in Everyone

Explore how self-identity impacts your relationships and perception of others.  With thoughtful and creative exercises, this pocket guide is both down-to-earth and deeply spiritual.

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Releasing the Energy of the Critical Self

Learn how to use the mind-body-spirit connection to release self-judgement in this 90-minute class I co-facilitated with Dr. Michael Smith of Empath Connection.

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111 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Co-created with Dr. Michael Smith of Empath Connection, this guidebook offers 111 mind-body-energy techniques from ancient wisdom to quirky fun.

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