for Highly Sensitive Children & Teens

Two unique books for highly sensitive kids and teens...

The "Diary" Energy Skills Workbook for Highly Sensitive/Empath Teens

Learning how to live as an HSP/ empath can be so challenging. Isn't it time we made it FUN?

Introducing the first interactive, multi-media, FUN workbook for highly sensitive/empath teens.  This hands-on workbook not only helps develop awareness and adaptability, resulting in increased self-confidence and mental/physical wellness, but it does so in a colorful, entertaining way.  

The Fun, Engaging elements include:
> Colorful graphics and illustrations throughout 
> 20 how-to videos of energy exercises
> 20 educational videos & audio files
> 60 discussion/self-study questions 
> 20 self-study/continued learning prompts
> 5 self-awareness quizzes
> 11 entries from the "Diary" novel
> Over 100 references
> Complete glossary

The "Serious Stuff" in the workbook includes: 
> 100 pages of relevant content
> information about the HSP trait and its peculiar challenges
> evidence-based educational and psychological research
> methods for strengthening the mind/body connection
> basic principles of energy medicine and exercise demonstrations
> designed with components for all learning styles

Counselors & Coaches
will find this workbook a valuable tool to use as a reference, a full guided program or as a take-home supplement.
HSP/empath teens will learn so much about themselves and how to take charge of their energy/power — and Parents will find this material helps open the doors of understanding and bridges the communication gap with your child.
Schools have the flexibility of using the workbook in an after-school club setting or as a guide for one-on-one & small group counseling.


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Professional Reviews

“(This workbook) will give you tools and understanding that I wish I had in my own teens, and I am honored to see some of the ideas I have developed show up in its pages!”

Donna Eden - Best-selling author and world-renowned speaker on Energy Medicine
“In my 20 years of working as a psychologist and educator, I have not seen any other program with such a great promise of effectiveness for this very important population.” 

Dr. Wendy Nickerson - Director of the Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training and faculty member at Calsouthern University, Columbia College, and Acadia University

Created By

Jeannette Folan is an Integrative Health Coach, author, and creator of educational programs for highly sensitive/empath teens and children. When she's not engaged in a work project, she's writing music, sewing or hanging out with her spiritual friends, husband and beloved dog in Halifax, NS.

Yvonne Czarniak is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Tai Chi Instructor in Chicago, Illinois. She shares the beautiful art of Tai Chi and Energy Medicine by teaching energy tools and techniques in classes and working with individual clients to help them step into their power and stand strong.

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