Energy Skills Workbook

for HSP & Empath Adults

Energy Skills Workbook for Highly Sensitive/Empath Adults

Can you imagine feeling more balanced, confident and at ease?
Are you ready to learn the skills to help shift your energy and emotions?

If you're an HSP/empath who’s ready to feel more comfortable in your "sensitive skin", this digital workbook is for you.

With over 100 pages of engaging, uplifting material — including 20 energy shifting exercises and how-to videos — the Energy Skills Workbook for HSP/Empath Adults will help you develop awareness and adaptability, resulting in increased self-confidence and mental/physical wellness.

Interactive Digital Workbook - $48

In this workbook, you will learn:
> The best qualities of the sensitivity trait
> Your sensitivity type (environmental, internal, relationships)
> How to recognize your fight/flight triggers
> Why grounding is so vital for your energy system
> Why identity is an often-overlooked aspect of Sensitives
> The 3 most common personality types of Sensitives (and a quiz!)
> How to develop your skills so they stick
> The reason why music is a powerful tool for Sensitives
> How to better prepare yourself for crowds, events and parties
> How we learned "auto-pilot" sensitivity in childhood
> The effects of food and water on our system
> Fun ways to incorporate mindful awareness into your day
> The best type of yoga for your needs
> 4 easy steps to developing a meditation practice
> How to read cues your body is giving about your environment
> How to release "happy hormones" — no matter your mood
> How to "unplug" while actually getting "recharged"

The energy exercises taught in this workbook will help you: 
> Clear toxic energy from your system
> Maintain a healthy energetic space with others
> Aid mind-body-spirit alignment and connection
> Release anger and frustration
> Calm your fight-flight-freeze response
> Enhance mental focus
> Synchronize left and right brain for coordination and balance
> Enhance your immune system
> Reduce inflammation
> Reduce headaches and shoulder/neck tension

What you'll find in the workbook:

Colorful graphics and illustrations •  how-to videos of energy exercises • educational videos & audio files • discussion/self-study questions • self-study/continued learning prompts • fun and relevant self-tests • 100 references to evidence-based educational and psychological research • Complete glossary

My story is probably a lot like yours...  I grew up feeling different from everyone around me. I had an innate sense of knowing what was going on with people without understanding why. I had a deep connection to nature and creativity.  I thought that the world — the one I experienced inside of myself — was magical.  The other world — the one that people called "the real world" — was traumatic.

There's no need to go into the traumatic details. You probably know what I'm talking about. And you also probably know that the only thing I could do at the time was to carry on as best I could, try to fit in, be liked, do good, be happy. Sometimes I even believed I was pulling it off.  

But like most HSPs and empaths, I faced many constant challenges and I was well into my adulthood before I finally found the tools that helped. First, I learned to work (and play) with my energy.  I also explored and learned about my other bodies:  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through that process, I gained knowledge, understanding and experience. I have grown so much!

Despite how challenging my HSP/empath experiences were, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’m not saying that because I’ve come out on the other side full of unicorns and rainbows. I’m actually still in the middle of my story… still fumbling and learning and growing. But I know this: with each new skill I learn, I am not only able to create a more powerful, magical life for myself, I am also able to help others do the same. It is my sincere hope and intention that this workbook will do that for you.

~ Jeannette Folan, co-author

There's also a workbook designed for Teens!

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Created By

Jeannette Folan is an Integrative Health Coach, author, advocate, and creator of educational programs for highly sensitives & empaths. When she's not engaged in a work project, she's writing music, building things, or hanging out with her friends, husband and beloved dog in Halifax, NS.

Yvonne Czarniak is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Tai Chi Instructor in Chicago. She shares the beautiful art of Tai Chi and Energy Medicine by teaching energy tools and techniques in classes and working with individual clients to help them step into their power and stand strong.

Professional Reviews

“(This workbook) will give you tools and understanding that I wish I had in my own teens, and I am honored to see some of the ideas I have developed show up in its pages!”

Donna Eden - Best-selling author and world-renowned speaker on Energy Medicine
“In my 20 years of working as a psychologist and educator, I have not seen any other program with such a great promise of effectiveness for this very important population.” 

Dr. Wendy Nickerson - Director of the Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training and faculty member at Calsouthern University, Columbia College, and Acadia University
I am so very impressed with the workbook.  Wonderfully done.... great illustrations, thorough yet succinct (awesome!), and engaging!  I LOVE IT!! "

Dr. Pam Calvert-Hirt, PsyD, MBA
BCB Director, Widener Biofeedback Clinic & Certification Center
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