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Are You an Empath or HSP?

This is the funniest empath quiz ever, but don't be deceived by the humor — the results can be serious stuff!

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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

This self-assessment will help to uncover areas that might be affecting your self-confidence & relationships.

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What's Your Mind-Body Connection Type?

Is your mind-body connection type helping or hindering your health?

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The 3 Sources of Sensitivity

Find out which of these sources of stimulation might be your "sensitive spot" in this 3-part quiz.

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What Else? Survey

Everyone knows the main 20+ characteristics empaths have in common, but what other quirks might we share?

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Are You an Empath or HSP Quiz

Before starting the Empath/HSP Quiz, we invite you to be part of an informal research project to see if there is any correlation between Personality Types and Empaths.  The personality test (if you don't already know your type) can be taken "16Personalities.com".  After you've got your personality result (go ahead and take a few minutes to say 'OMG, that describes me perfectly!"), jump back here to take our empath quiz.  

We don't collect any personal data with the quiz, but you can sign up here to receive our occasional email with new quizzes and more!

Find Your Personality Type

Hop over to 16Personalities.com  and take their freakishly accurate self-test.  You'll learn a lot about yourself and others.  Then...

Take the Empath/HSP Quiz

Jump back to this page and take the quiz to discover if you are an empath.  (And tell us which personality type you scored).

Get Results

You'll get immediate feedback on the empath quiz.  And we'll update you in our e-blast on how others scored with your personality type.

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Identity is at the core of our self-confidence and relationships, yet identity is one of the biggest challenge areas for HSPs and empaths. This quiz will help bring awareness to the issues that might need some extra attention. The results include links to other self-assessments where you can learn more juicy stuff about yourself.

What's Your Mind-Body Connection Type

This 10 question self-assessment will help you gain awareness and insight into how your mind-body connection type might be helping or hindering your physical, mental and emotional health. As an empath, you have the innate ability to sense the connection between your mind, body and spirit more strongly. Are you using that gift to its fullest potential? Find out here...

The 3 Sources of Sensitivity Quiz

If you already know that you are an HSP or empath (if not, please take the Are You An Empath quiz), then jump right into the 3 Sources of Sensitivity quiz, which will help you understand if you are more sensitive in one of the three stimulation areas over the others. The 3-part quiz has 33 questions and takes about 6 minutes to complete. Ready?

What Else? Survey

Did you know that HSP/empaths have much more in common than the usual "sensitive" stuff. For example, in this What Else? Survey, 13% cast a vote for "speaks to animals and they seem to understand". And 12% cast a vote for "has strange influence on electronic devices". Find out what other fun and weird things you have in common with your fellow HSP/empaths. Take the survey and be counted!

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