Professional Development

for HSP therapists & their Sensitive clients

Training and support materials for mental health professionals.

These educational - training materials go beyond traditional books and videos by giving you interactive, in-the-moment, experiential activities, games and exercises that will help you build your 'HSP/empath muscles'.

HSP Certification / CE Course for Mental Health Professionals

The first accredited training course for professionals working with Highly Sensitive/Empath adults or teens. With 10 hours of self-paced video, animations, quizzes, handouts and an 11-page marketing guide to help you grow your business. This program is available through the Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training. (Sample video excerpt 3:45)

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Join the Directory of HSP Trained Professionals

This online directory helps HSP/empath clients find specially trained professionals for mental health support worldwide. There is no fee to get listed. Simply fill out the form at the link below – and be sure to download the free 3-page marketing guide so that sensitive clients can find you!

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Workbook for Highly Sensitives & Empaths (Adult and Teen versions available)

An effective supplemental tool for post-session/self-study, this interactive digital workbook explores common challenges of HSP's including identity, isolation, anxiety and more. Learn simple energy exercises and techniques to help calm the fight/flight system and strengthen the energy field for a more balanced, manageable day.

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A supplemental self-study kit to promote client self-care and in-session productivity.

This three-in-one mobile-friendly kit includes material that will help your client understand the "sensitive energy" related to interpersonal relationships; a morning routine to self-regulate energy and mindfulness; and a guide offering 111 techniques to promote physical self-care and spiritual well-being. All created specifically for highly sensitive/empaths.

If you would like to purchase multiple copies to distribute to your clients, please contact me for discounted pricing.

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