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This 20 minute radio interview introduces the novel "Diary of a Teenage Empath" and discusses the traits, processes and differences of highly sensitive people and empaths. It touches upon teen mental health, and social anxieties.


As a guest on Dr. Christine's "Healthy Alternative" radio show, Jeannette shares here experiences as a highly sensitive child growing up and ways that parents can help their children see their sensitive nature as an advantage instead a weakness.


CTV Morning Show in Halifax invites Jeannette to talk about her book, discuss the differences between Highly Sensitive People & Empaths and to share an energy exercise "Zipping Up" for the holidays.



The Energy Field
Mind-Body Tools for Children

Effective techniques for trauma, resilience, self-confidence and performance

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10 Tips on How to Avoid “Emotional Overload” from Your Clients

For coaches who are Highly Sensitive, this article is a must read!

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In Search of a "Sensitive" Therapist

Ways you can help your therapist understand your sensitive trait, a directory for finding a trained professional, and a handout to share with your therapist.

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Being Sensitive...

This Optimyz 'Mind Coach' article shares how the novel Diary of a Teenage Empath offers techniques to manage the common challenges of being a Sensitive/Empath.

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4 Ways Your Emotions Maybe Be Sabotaging Your Health

Learn about a scale for mind - body - spirit - energy wellness and how to apply it to your self-care.

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Teen Depression & Anxiety

This article explores the reasons why so many teen experience depression and anxiety and how integrative health tools can help - especially those who are Highly Sensitive.

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The Hypocrisy Of Sensitive People

Sensitives usually intend to do good for others, but might be overlooking some self-serving behavior.

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Understanding the
Empathic Teen

Beyond the typical teen struggles and anxieties, up to 20% of teens are also faced with the challenges of being highly sensitive/empathic.

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