What's this all about?

The Empath Diary Video/Podcast is a bi-weekly production intended for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People on the journey of self-development and spiritual awakening.

The host of the show is Jeannette Folan, an HSP/Empath integrative health coach, author, educator and advocate — which all sounds very serious, but what Jeannette really strives to do is lighten up the world. And by 'lighten up', she means have a little fun with it. After all, laughter is a byproduct of joy, which is vibrationally at the top of the Map of Consciousness just under peace and enlightenment.

The co-host is Jean McCafferty, an HSP/Empath who – like many sensitives – struggled growing up, taking on the trauma, negative emotions and low vibration in her environment.  As a teen, she experienced a mental and physical collapse, then worked her way through her awakening process with devotion, self-compassion and determination. Now at 21, she is a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she is specializing in mind/body healing through mindfulness and a plant based lifestyle. 

You can also expect some friends to appear on the show... spiritual leaders, coaches, authors, maybe even a comedian or two. If you're interested in being on the show, please contact us.

Another thing that is SPECIAL ABOUT THIS SHOW is that you can enjoy it TWO WAYS:


What you'll get watching the video version is sweet eye candy, supplemental text and, of course, getting to see the participants in their natural habitats.


If you'd rather just listen to the podcast, we're happy to have you!


Jeannette is joined by Dr. Wendy Nickerson to explore how anxiety of our mind, body and spirit show up and how to ease that anxiety in the moment. The discussion dives deeper into why this transitional time on earth is so important to empaths.

Jeannette and Jean share the challenges of Walmart, depression and ways to incorporate bits of humor in life (especially with all that is happening in the world now!) to inch forward on our journey to a higher vibration.

With the world at a never-before-traversed crossroad, is there something empaths can be doing to help ensure our individual well-being, as well as influence our collective energy in a positive way? Dr. Michael Smith of Empath Connection answers these questions, offering practical instruction and spiritual guidance.

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