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I caught the writing bug as a kid when my dad first helped me publish a neighborhood newspaper, "Jeannette's Gazette". I loved every type of writing... business, academic, creative marketing, short stories, poems, song lyrics. My dad and I even wrote a musical parody in the early 80's that was performed as a fundraiser in our community. Those were the days!

My first novel "Diary of a Teenage Empath - The Awakening" was written more out of the need for sanity than the love of writing. But it brought me back to myself and at the same time, reminded me that I could still decide who 'myself' really is.

Books authored and co-authored include:

     > Diary of a Teenage Empath - The Awakening (2016)
     > Energy Skills Workbook for HSPs/Empaths, Co-author Yvonne Czarniak (2017)
     > Discovering the Power of Sensitivity (2018)
     > Morning Energy Routine for HSPs & Empaths (2019)
     > The Energy of Empath Relationships (2019)
     > Learning to See the God in Everyone (2020)
     > 111 Ways to Raise Your Vibration, Co-author Dr. Michael R. Smith (2020)



"I believe that happiness is not an end goal, but a byproduct of discovering who we really are and awakening to our true nature. What this looks like in a coaching session is not an examination of problems, shortcomings and mistakes, but rather a process of exploring, learning, practicing and becoming who you were put on earth to be."

one-on-one coaching

The one-on-one coaching program helps you identify and utilize your innate strength and qualities to release the obstacles that are keeping you from living your best life. You will be invited to assess your beliefs, be an advocate for your highest self, and take ownership of every moment of your life so that you can uncover your best, most powerful YOU. Here's an overview of what the program involves and how it works:

> science-based testing and self-identity assessments which shed light on your strong and subtle qualities
> evaluation of results and compilation of creative/reactive exercises to ignite your awareness and control of your power
> creation of development program and mind-body-spirit practice that serves your unique goals and purpose
> sessions are 60 minutes each
> duration of program is approximately 10 weeks
> available via online conferencing
> pay-as-you-go or save with a prepay package
> includes interactive materials, strategy blueprints, and additional handouts

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hybrid coaching

This is a lighter version of the full coaching program. It offers much of the same material, but in a self-study format with a few one-on-one "check ups" to ensure you're getting the most out of the material. The hybrid program includes:

> self-tests and assessments which shed light on your strong and subtle qualities
> introduction to the concept of creative/reactive behavior and suggestions for exercises to increase awareness and power
> oversee the creation of your personal development program and mind-body-spirit practice
> 3 sessions - 60 minutes each (introduction, check-up, and program conclusion)
> email access following each segment of the program
> study at your own pace (suggested duration is 3 months)
> pay-as-you-go or save with a prepay package
> includes interactive materials, sample strategy blueprint and additional handouts

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self-study material

If you prefer working independently, I have compiled several self-study packages depending on your current challenges and goals. These are NOT all my own work, but rather a collection of select material and tools from experts in their fields of psychology, whole health, spirituality, and personal development.

     > One-hour initial assessment to determine which material is right for you
     > Material is presented to you weekly for 10 weeks
     > Each week contains approximately 2 hours of study
     > Option to add coaching session, if needed

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People Say...

"A fountain of information! Jeannette is very well versed in mind-body-spirit matters... a wealth of interesting exercises, insights and thought-provoking questions to awaken your inner growth and help get past the stumbling blocks of life.  Jeannette is a warm, caring person full of wisdom and integrity. " ~ Renee Munroe

"Being part of Jeannette's HSP support group has been such a positive experience. It's made all the difference in my life. I'm so grateful to Jeannette for following her passion and sharing herself, her wisdom and her experience with us. Her knowledge is practical and her approach is kind. She's engaging and fun, but also firm in what she believes and doesn't hesitate to challenge us and gently guide us to see things differently. Thank you, Jeannette, for following your passion, for sharing your experience and your heart! You are truly making a difference. ~ Anne Leger


People don't learn by reading or watching others. They learn by doing, practicing, making mistakes, noticing, adjusting and doing some more. Resistance to changing and growing usually comes from the fear that it's going to be an unpleasant experience. That's why I create exercises and activities to be fun, light-hearted, even downright silly.

Read some of my blog articles to get an idea of what to expect from working with me.

Presented at: Workshops, Conferences & Summits

May 2020| Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology | Baltimore, Maryland - CANCELLED
One Day Workshop: Effective Mind-Body Tools & Techniques for Trauma, Resilience, Self-Confidence and Performance
March 2020| The Shift Network Evolved Empath Summit
Online Interview: Learning How to See The God In Everyone
November 2019 | From Hiding to Thriving HSP Series| Host, Sabine Minsky
Online Interview: Understanding and Shifting the 3 Highly Sensitive/Empath Energy Modes
October 2019 | The Sensitivity Summit | Host, Melissa Schwartz
Online Interview: Emotional Literacy in Highly Sensitive Children
September 2019 | Reconnect Halifax | Halifax, Nova Scotia
Workshop: Mind-Body-Spirit Energy Routine for Highly Sensitive Women
May 2019 | Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology | Santa Fe, New Mexico
Conference Learning Lab: Is Your Client Highly Sensitive? How to Assess HSPs and Use EP/Energy Practices
March 2019 | HSP Certification/CE Training Program for Mental Health Professionals | Nickerson Institute
Developed accredited online training program with Dr. Wendy Nickerson
December 2018 | Empath Academy with Dr. Michael R. Smith
Online Interview: Identity Challenges with HSPs/Empath

Development Courses & Memberships

Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training (Certified Integrative Health Coach), Dr. Wendy Nickerson — December 2017
Donna Eden Energy Medicine 101,
Yvonne Czarniak — December 2018
Empath Academy, Dr. Michael R. Smith — August/September 2019
Diversity & Social Inclusion Conference, Nova Scotia Health Authority — October 2019
Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Dr. Joe Vitale & Dr. Hew  Len — December 2019
Activating Your Empathy to Challenge Racism, Dr. Jennifer Moore — August 2020
Master Key of Healing, Alan Cohen — October 2020
Self-Determination Theory: An approach to motivation, development and wellness, University of Rochester — March 2020
Positive Intelligence Training, 7 week training program with Shirzad Chamine — June 2021


When I became an integrative health coach specializing in HSP/empath clients, I realized how few mental health professionals were aware of or educated on the Sensory Processing Sensitivity trait. Considering that HSPs represent up to 50% of clients seeking therapy, that seemed like a big gap that needed filling. My advocacy efforts have been some of the most rewarding hours in my professional life and (I hope) I'm just getting started.

     > Leads HSP small group in my community
     > Presenter and co-presenter at humanity-based educational workshops
     > Developed and promotes online Directory of HSP trained mental health professionals
     > Offers educational material to professionals and helps them promote themselves in their community to HSPs in need of support

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