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There are two kinds of people in the world:  those who enjoy journaling and everybody else.  I am the latter. Keeping a diary was far more painful than it was cathartic. But it was a necessary chore to make sure I stayed in touch with myself as I experienced all of the crazy 'episodes' of awakening to the reality of being an empath.  

I was seriously messed up!  I couldn't stand being in crowds (Walmart panic-attack!), being around anything violent, negative, or intense (like the news on TV, action movies or family arguments).  I  was constantly on edge until it seemed I was going to implode or dissolve from existence. The thoughts in my head were as uncontrollable as my feelings -- which is why I thought it might help to keep a diary. At least I could keep track of my craziness.

My first entry went something like this:   Lots of heart palpitations today. Feels like someone is shifting my organs around.  Went to grocery store. Held my breath when I came near anyone. Too tired to do anything, too anxious to sleep.  This is lame.

I gave up after a few days but was prompted by a friend to keep at it. This time, instead of writing about my life, my episodes, my craziness — I started writing about Jenny's. This twist in perspective allowed me to detach from my own pain and respond to what was happening (to Jenny) with love and compassion. It felt like the person in the diary was my best friend and I began to treat her (me) that way.

Before long, Jenny was living a life of her own, albeit on paper. And although she is in high school and I'm not, and she has a circle of empath friends and a hippie aunt and I don't, most every event that Jenny experiences is one I have experienced myself.  SPOILER ALERT! (Even the spirit-ghost infiltration at the Old North Church really happened to me at the Old City Hall in Toronto).

I've always enjoyed writing — in business and creatively, but it took a traumatic crisis for my writing to really mean something to me. Now it's become a method of survival.  Whether you are an empath or a person with a 'normal' life (whose life is normal anyway?), I wholeheartedly urge you to pick up a pen and start journaling on behalf of your own best friend.


A Look Back at 2017...

It's been a fun-tastic year since the launch of the book. Beyond all of the promotional excitement of TV, radio and print publications, I have been lucky to connect with some incredible leaders in the fields of psychology and energy work including Donna Eden, Dr. Michael Smith, Dr. Sue Morter, and Dr. Wendy Nickerson. Each has shown generous support that has added great wind to my sails.

I'm also very excited to have partnered this year with a dear friend and energy worker, Yvonne Czarniak, to create an Energy Skills workbook for Highly Sensitive/Empath Teens. Yvonne has been a wonderful mentor to me. She's a sounding board, an inspiration and a tremendous blessing in my life. I can't wait to see what we do in 2018!

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