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Besides writing words, I love writing music.

I've composed music for as long as I can remember. There's something about the creation and vibration combination that I find intensely healing. These pieces are particularly special to me, so I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

Theme Song to "Diary" novel

Why does a book have a theme song? Because the main character, Jenny, needs music like air...and because she sang to me while I was writing the novel. She desperately wanted to get this song out, to be heard and maybe even, finally, understood.

Listen to the track "Sacrifice Me"

Download "Sacrifice Me" - My gift to youListen to the Diary Soundtrack on Sound Cloud

Instrumental Piano Album

Growing up in a home with a piano teacher for a mom can be a blessing and a curse. She was there to help me through the mistakes, but she was also always there ready to point them out! I am so grateful my mom gave me the gift of music and I think the main reason I started composing my own is because then she could just sit back and listen.

Listen to the track "Making Waves"

Download the album "Making Waves" - My gift to youSheet music available at

Sacrifice Me

Jenny's Theme - "Sacrifice Me"

Some readers have asked if Jenny's theme song is about suicide. My answer is this: music is supposed to mean something different to everyone. If it resonates with you as a song about suicide, perhaps take some time to explore why you connect with it at that level.

I will tell you that as I wrote the lyrics, I imagined Jenny singing about her realization that she must sacrifice the person she thought she was supposed to be so that she can be the person she really is. This is an extremely difficult time for the character because she isn't sure if she likes being a highly-sensitive/empath. How can she possibly learn to love herself? 

But she knows she can no longer pretend to be who she is not. There are many things she will have to sacrifice to live her true life...most of all, her fears about living it.

Some of Nathan's story is here in the song, too, as well as Jenny's relationship with him — both intense experiences involving personal loss and mental/emotional struggles.

Do you relate to her story? Or the lyrics of her song? Have you found yourself standing at the identity crossroads?  One honest, the other feigned? Which direction did you or will you choose?

Written by Jeannette Folan and performed by Canadian artist, Taryn Kawaja with Benjamin Marmen on cello.


Blow out the candle, it won’t do any good anyway
It’s too dark to leave now, and yet there’s not light enough to stay
When push comes to shove, will they show you the door?
With all that you’ve paid, it’ll still cost you more
The hard fact of life is that none of it’s free
Sacrifice me ~ Sacrifice me

Empty your pockets and think of something clever to say
There’s too much to handle, perhaps we should just call it a day
When push comes to Love, will you show me the door?
With all that I give, you can’t take anymore
So when the times comes to make your decree
Sacrifice me ~ Sacrifice me

It’s hard enough to be normal
As if anyone possibly could
So I’ll stay in my head
And hide under my bed
And pretend to be all that I should be
Sacrifice me ~ Sacrifice me

Light me a candle, you know there’s nothing left you can say
There’s no one to blame here, in time you’ll see it’s better this way
When push comes to shove, I will walk through that door
With nothing to lose, I can’t win any more
The answer to how I will ever be free
I will sacrifice me ~ I will sacrifice me
Sacrifice me ~ Sacrifice me

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