The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack

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Sacrifice Me

This is Jenny's theme song - written by the author and recorded by Taryn Kawaja

The Soundtrack

Jenny loves music. Without it, she withers like a plant deprived of water. Most of the major events in her life have either been about music or greatly enhanced because of it. During her year of awakening as an empath, she compiled a playlist that reflects the extreme spectrum of emotions and energy she dealt with.  If the book didn't give you enough insight into her world, this soundtrack sure will.

Stream the soundtrack from Soundcloud or if you prefer the full soundtrack experience (hearing the songs embedded into specific scenes and passages of the book), then you can order that version from BookTrack.

Artists are shown in order of the song sequence as played on the soundtrack and the Booktrack digital/audio file.

This is an empath song if ever there was one.  "I Do What I'm Allowed" conveys all the angst and loss of control that Jenny feels following the incident at the flea market with her mother.  

Mountain Sounds

Former bandmates, Tim Hoyt and Franc Castillejos, found themselves separated for years by immigration laws, time zones, and thousands of miles.  Discouraged and drifting ever farther from the life they loved, they made a last-ditch attempt to be who they used to be.  So Tim quit his job and left his home in Portland, Oregon relocating to Franc's family's property on a secluded patch of land in the Cordillera Alux mountain range near Guatemala City.

The two set up shop in an old, out-of-use orphanage on the grounds, transforming the space into a studio with what limited resources they could find. For three months they lived and breathed their music, taking breaks only for meals and sleeping in the makeshift studio.   Working through the long, cold rainy season,
at long last they emerged with twelve songs showcasing their distinct voices and sound ~ rock solid proof that this duo was meant to be.


Trevor Davis

The passion and talent of San Diego based singer-songwriter Trevor Davis are undeniable.  This artist was born to do what he does — which is to make us feel whatever he commands with his piercingly poignant voice, lyrics and melodies.  

Trevor spent a few years playing in an electronic duo until he was picked out of 48,000 contestants to audition for NBC’s The Voice. He made the Top 40, which led him to win a spot on Blake Shelton’s team for Season 4 of the hit NBC show. Trevor says being on the show was a blast and taught him a lot about himself as an artist.

It was tough picking which of Trevor's amazing songs to include in the soundtrack.  I finally settled on "Across the Clouds" — the first time Nathan and Jenny are alone; and "Change" — a funky song that Rhonda can't get enough of.
"Your Song" is an honest expression of Jenny and Nathan's empath exchange revealing their vulnerabilities, fears and emotions. This song belongs to them - forever.

Evan Andree

Evan Andree, originally from Atlanta, is a songwriter/producer creating indie pop vibes daily from Los Angeles. He's been writing music since he picked up his first guitar at 13 and considers it as necessary to his life as food.  His soundscapes are where synthetic and organic go to collide.  While he creates the lucid, earthy music out of mostly synthesized components, his vocals are honest and his lyrics are uninhibited.  He wrote "Your Song" for his wife who, he says, keeps him grounded and inspired.


Steve Collom

Steve Collom is an Australian born singer songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist currently making his home in Los Angeles.  Three world tours and many albums later, the results of his hard work and talent are evident everywhere you turn -- such as on shows like The Big Bang Theory, Young and Restless, the Fosters, Law and Order and many leading brands including Subway, AAA, Circle K, HGTV, Bravo and more.

Oh, and if that wasn't impressive enough, he is also a strong contender for a 2017 EMMY!

You only have your first dance with your first love once. Close your eyes and sway along with Jenny & Nathan to "Exchanged" -- then wake up with Jenny shouting out her Top 10 List as she learns how to "Shine, Shine, Shine".
Have you ever just needed to dance it out to a full force, let loose, head bangin' song?   This is that song.  Rhonda's got it on her 'must have' playlist -- and it encapsulates the intense roller coaster ride that Jenny, Nathan and their friends survived.

it is featured as the "credits" track at the end of the book.


Mole is a hard trying Swedish band with high ambitions, high quality songs and a great deal of joy. The band has been gigging frequently ever since they started in 2002 and have been producing music with an energy that elates their audiences - both in their recordings and live performances.   The band members make all their music together and are determined to constantly develop the songs and the sound of Mole. 


Liz Akhavan

Liz Akhavan, a solo artist from Minneapolis, MN, has a voice that invites you in, gives you a warm hug and then takes you somewhere magical.  Her lyrics and writing style are more soulful than her years should allow, but the result is captivating.

"Two Steps Back" is a sweet, kick-butt song about over-coming the obstacles Jenny faces in her life.  She performs it at the private greatest hits comeback tour for her favorite 'fans'.  
There's a juxtaposition about his music that pulls me in like a moth to a flame.  Sweet, hopeful, aching, tragic, soothing... and that's only one song.  "Just You and Me" is Jenny and Nathan's night under the stars.  And "World's Safest Place" is where Jenny finds herself on the road to Ojo Caliente.

Markus Rafael Nylund

Markus is a music maker who has spent his life wandering the world, exploring and experimenting.   He's chosen, for the most part, to remain obscure and unknown, working on his skills and developing himself with the help of various people he comes across.  

This authentic troubadour, originally from Finland, is one of the few people who can say that the world is their home and mean it.  As for his music...just listen.


Leisure Suite

Mitch & Bridge are the recording artists of Leisure Suite, a duo that emerged from the grime-riddled depths of Melbourne, Australia's inner-west, with a sound that is anything but begrimed.

There are love songs, and then there is "Ease Away".  This song heightens the senses and emotions one breath, one beat at the time.  It is the anticipation... the sensual (Silentium) torture that pulsates between Nathan and Jenny.
I wrote "Sacrifice Me" in the middle of writing the book when I realized how deep Jenny was "in".  In love, in trouble, and increasingly aware of how hard it is to let go of who you are in order that you might become who you are meant to be.

Taryn Kawaja

I was introduced to Taryn in Halifax, Nova Scotia by the studio producer, Lil Thomas, who said, "This is the artist you want to sing Sacrifice Me." And he wasn't wrong.  Taryn brought Jenny's theme song to life with equal amounts of care and abandon.  Her exquisite piano style, attention to detail, and the poignant vocal delivery expressed in Sacrifice Me can be equally heard — and felt — in each of her own compositions.  

I was so fortunate to have my path cross with Taryn's exactly when it did, because just a few hours after finishing the recording, she hit the road for a Canadian tour.  My gratitude and best wishes go with her always.



Metermaids, a Brooklyn-based duo consisting of emcees Sentence and Swell, often refer to themselves as “the Bad News Bears of hip-hop.” However, after teaming up with the X-Ecutioners DJ ROB SWIFT, receiving production from Grammy Award Winner 9th WONDER, and pulling in vocal contributions from indie-hop legends SAGE FRANCIS & BUCK 65, their music is set to turn that self-deprecation on its head.

Metermaids are not content to make hip-hop influenced by rock and roll, or vice versa, but rather attempt to find the space where the two styles combine to make something truly original. This ambition, combined with the electric live show which has been their trademark, leads one to believe that Metermaids won't be under the radar for too long.

Come to the party!   "Turn the Lights Out" will make you love "hop-rock" even if you don't like hip-hop OR rock n' roll.  These guys seriously know how to party — that's why Rhonda opens her Valentine's bash with this hit.
"King of the World" belongs to all of the members of the Trinity Empath Club - but most especially, Adam.  This song sets the scene as Adam drives Jenny home from the party.

Son of Dov

New Jersey based singer/songwriter Dennis King (aka Son of Dov) first discovered music on his family’s out of tune piano, pounding out dramatic overtures with no rhyme or reason.  King taught himself out of necessity and emotion, the latter being the driving pendulum, which is still present in his music today.

King became a veteran of rock and punk in his mid-twenties, touring in obscurity along the east coast until ending that chapter to raise a family.  The urgency for songwriting, however, never left and he continued to write and record, but held onto his recordings until 2012, where it took a natural disaster (hurricane Sandy) to begin anew.  


The Lonely Hunter

The Lonely Hunter is a young band from Houston, Texas with a lot of talent, energy, and passion. Their music is full of driving rhythms and catchy hooks. There is not a venue or crowd they've played for that's forgotten them. They love music, they play hard, and they capture the attention of their audiences every time.

The band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Collin Brewer, guitarist Tyler Kern, bassist Jacob Massey, and drummer Austin Laskowski — a while some names and faces have changed over the years, their songwriting, vocals and mixes are consistently solid, engaging and ready to give more.

"Not Coming Down" shares the emotional scene at the 'Grace' restaurant.  This is Nathan telling his side of the story.  This song screams out the pain and fear he's had locked inside, and the struggles of his messed up reality.
The lyrics in the song "Inspiration" echo in Jenny's mind, making her ravenous for more understanding and knowledge of the universe.  This is most evident when she attends the synchrodestiny lecture by Deepak Chopra.

Cary Kanno

Cary "CKP" Kanno is constantly in search of new musical frontiers. Based out of Chicago, IL, he formed and continues to play with well known bands the Abstract Giants and Doko Benjo. In 2009, he simultaneously released his two solo full-length albums simply called "Cary Kanno One" and "Cary Kanno Two". Both were recorded and produced primarily at CKP studios, Cary's home studio.

The albums have been well received by both fans and industry alike. “One” was played on over 150 radio stations across the US and Canada (from light to heavy rotation) and a song Cary recently wrote aired in a Showtime Network commercial for "Weeds".


Jenny Gillespie Mason

Jenny Gillespie was born in Springfield, IL and grew up in a rural setting outside of town, surrounded by woods and water. There was a lot of time spent making fairy houses with twigs and moss -- and a lot of harmonizing in the backseat with her sister, a gifted pianist. First picking up her artist mother’s Martin guitar at 13, she found she could put her little poems to music. Her song- writing started to bloom and ever since the garden hasn’t stopped flowering. Jenny has recorded five albums: Light Year (2008), Kindred (2010,) Belita (2012), Chamma (2013), and Cure for Dreaming (2015). Chamma was named one of the best albums of 2013 by Billboard. She has lived in Virginia, Paris, Austin, TX and now lives in Berkeley, CA and Big Sur, CA with her two sons Sebastian and Oscar, her two cats Pippi and Shirley, and her husband.

The moment I heard "Vanishing Point", I knew it belonged to Jenny.  This is what it sounds like in her head.  And it's the melody that is playing in the scene as she drives with her friends, meditating to the lights dancing in her vision.
No song could close out this story better than "Running In The Wrong Direction".  It's the anthem for anyone whose ever been lost & found and back again...

Take Cover

Take Cover formed in the fall of 2007 and hit the ground running. After a few months of writing, they entered the studio in the spring to record their debut self-titled EP and followed that up with a tour. Back home again, they began writing their sophomore EP "The Last Word."  Following a sold out hometown release show for this EP, Take Cover hit the road once more in 2009 and found time to put together an acoustic EP titled "Waiting in the Moment", consisting of both old and new songs.

Their debut full length album "The Dreamer and The Realist" was then released in June of 2011, and the band hit the road again, sharing the stage with some great pop giants.  Sadly, Take Cover parted ways in April 2012 to a sold out crowd — but the artists have since started new projects — so stay tuned...

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