Seeing the God in Everyone

It's easier to do than you might imagine!


Learning to See the God in Everyone

What effect does God have in your relationship with yourself?   What effect does God have in your relationship with others?

Based on The Shift Network's Evolutionary Empath Summit interview of March 2020, this pocket guide explores how self-identity impacts our relationships and perception of others.  It considers some deeply spiritual questions with down-to-earth sensibility and offers thoughtful and creative exercises for shifting into a God-perspective. 

The guidebook's layout is designed for mobile-friendliness. The steps for each exercise are easy to read on any device with minimum scrolling required.

"Learning to See God in Everyone is a valuable resource to restore our alignment when we feel disconnected from the Oneness of the Divine. Jeannette provides inspiration, journal questions and exercises that help plug us back into Divine Energy, allowing us to remember who we really are... spiritual beings having a human experience. Her process provides a guide to lead us back to our Truth, our Divine Selves. ~ Cindy Baker, M.Ed., DCEP

"I highly recommend this book!  I loved the simplicity of the questions and exercises because they lead me to profound feelings and awareness.  Although this book is written for Empaths, I believe it is a universal text that can be appreciated by anyone on the path of their spiritual journey.. ~ Suzanne Velasquez-Sheehy, Ed.D.

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