What can empaths do for the world? (in the wake of COVID-19)


Dr. Michael R. Smith


With the world at a never-before-traversed crossroad, is there something empaths can be doing to help ensure our individual well-being, as well as influence our collective energy in a positive way? Dr. Michael Smith of Empath Connection answers these questions, offering practical instruction and spiritual guidance.


*Note there is a slight glitch in the audio quality around the 11:00 to 11:30 minute mark.

There were many prophecies of this event / pandemic.  What happens now?

  • We get to choose between the path of unity and peace or desctruction.

How can we stand strong on the path of unity and peace when we can feel how much fear there is?

  • One step (moment) at a time. To maintain a vibration of love and peace, follow the Five Pillars of Commitment to Empowerment.

Staying in high vibration feels like I'm pushing against the tide. Shouldn't I just go with the flow?

  • Notice and feel the energy around you / in theworld, but stay balanced in your OWN energy, which involves doing a little work.  Staying committed to yourself-care!  Work on changing what's imbalanced in you.

I was already on the path of unity and peace. Why am I feeling something still has to change? 

  • Look at your life. Do you see a need for change anywhere? Your soul is telling you, guiding you. You need to listen and follow it.

What crossroad are we empaths really facing? It feels sometimes like the crossroad of the earthly world and the spiritual world.

  • Trust that your soul will help you navigate this. Our job is to notice when our mind/ego is driving our thoughts, worries, choices. Focus on the body. Focus on nd what we want to create.


  • Food, diet, substances (consumption)
  • Social media / media engagement &consumption
  • Physical movement
  • Nature / The environment
  • Spiritual / meditation
Fun, soulful, powerful book!

Guest bio

For over two decades, Dr. Michael R. Smith has worked to help empaths and highly sensitive people recognize and embrace their gifts. As a doctoral trained educational psychologist/counselor and energy healing practitioner, his work on empathic sensitivity has been endorsed and promoted by best-selling authors like Sonia Choquette and Judith Orloff. He has been featured in documentary films and on numerous mind-body healing summits, including the Shift Network.

Dr. Smith has given workshops worldwide, including at New Yorks' Omega Institute. He has personally coached several thousand individuals to make stronger connections between mind, body, and Spirit. Over a million individuals have been guided by Dr. Smith's materials since 2007. Dr. Smith has spent the last 16 years working with indigenous healers around the world to more deeply explore and promote human potential. He uses indigenous techniques when called for in his work, and is a spiritual medium, although that is not the focus of his work and advocacy.  

He offers classes and coaching to support empaths and highly sensitive people in their journey to awakening and empowerment.

Resources & Tools

Learn more about Dr. Michael Smith, his Complete Empath Toolkit (which is AMAZING!) and the upcoming Empath Academy (which Jeannette LOVED!) or join the Empath Connection Community facebook group where you'll share and learn with other powerful, valuable empaths.