Take a Deep Breath, Lighten Up -- You Got This!




Jeannette and Jean share the challenges of Walmart, depression and ways to incorporate bits of humor in life (especially with all that is happening in the world now!) to inch forward on our journey to a higher vibration.



  • Bring on the silliness! Take the lyrics to your favorite song and replace them with affirmations while you sing. You’ll feel goofy, and that’s the point! Bringing a fun vibration into your affirmations, instead of saying them from a place of necessity or longing is a powerful way to reach your desired vibration quicker.
  • Affirm what is. Strive to appreciate the beauty and abundance in your immediate surroundings, give thanks for it. “I’m so thankful the sun is finally out. I appreciate it’s warmth, I love how it shine’s through the window and lights up this room.” This type of affirmation not only boosts your gratitude vibation, but it's great for grounding, too.


  • Every cup, water bottle, article of clothing, piece of furniture... there is joy in every object and living creature around you. Practice noticing it and matching your vibration to its joy.
  • You only need your physical body to keep your physical body healthy. The yoga studios and fitness centers might be closed and maybe you can't get that new pair of running shoes, but having your body is enough!


  • Dance, walk, take a quick jog to the end of the block. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in your mindset and mood.
  • Shake it out! Physically shake your body like a dog shakes its fur to dry off. This is great to get stagnant energy in your body moving around again. 
  • Energy medicine exercises are easy and effective. If you haven't added them to your routine yet, here's a great guide to get you started.


  • Our thoughts ARE our vibration. Be aware if your thoughts match your actions. Practicing self-care on your body while thinking negative thoughts about yourself will most likely not produce the effects you desire.
  • Do the very best you can for yourself in that moment. You don't need to go from sad, despressed or discouraged to outrageously happy. Don't put pressure on yourself to get to a certain point by a certain time.
  • Make little shifts in your routine to break the momentum of negative thought patterns and depression. Get out on the opposite side of the bed, hum while brushing your teeth, wear different clothes, take a different route to work.  Every change you make to your environment and routine will shift your energy pattern. Experiment with it. Have fun!
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