Mind, Body and Spirit ANXIETY in transitional times


Dr. Wendy Nickerson


Jeannette is joined by Dr. Wendy Nickerson to explore how anxiety of our mind, body and spirit show up and how to ease that anxiety in the moment. The discussion dives deeper into why this transitional time on earth is so important to empaths.


Anxiety of the MIND

  • Shows up as depressing thoughts, worries, projecting negative outcomes.
  • Consider every thought (or event in your life) as a challenge or opportunity to shift your thoughts (which in turn shift our energy to a higher vibration).
  • Seeing another perspective is how we grow in consciousness.
  • Be hyper aware of your thoughts.
  • Ask "is this thought mine?" (or social media, community, family, etc).
  • Ask "is this thought really true?" (or a projection of fear).


  • Stop Thought – when having a negative thought, think or say out loud "STOP"!
  • Second Thought – the next thought you have AFTER the negative thought can restore balance such as: "I trust the universe with what is happening and all will be okay."

Anxiety of the BODY

  • Shows up as aches, pains, tension, illness.
  • Signs your body sends you that it is in distress: clenching hands, hugging body, covering neck, shoulders raised, tightening stomach muscles, holding your breath, sleeping in fetal position.
  • Key to keep anxiety at bay is BREATHING. Practice breathing with your whole body.
  • Keep a healthy gut (high-fibre, no sugar). Listen to when your gut is unhappy and make immediate adjustments to what you are feeding it.
  • Tapping the merdian points that release anxiety (learn exercises at this page - Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)


  • Shake your body – sitting, standing or laying down, wiggle and shake your body like a rag doll. This moves the stagnant energy that can cause tension in your body.

Anxiety of the SPIRIT

  • When we have worry, fear, and stress, we are disconnected from Spirit and so our Spirit can feel axiety, too.
  • Talk to Spirit about how we feel. Ask Spirit what we can do to reconnect.
  • Go back to child self. Find joy and wonder in small things around you. Remember what your spirit was like when you were a child.


  • Find a special, quiet place in or around your home where you can meet with your Spirit to talk and reconnect. Really soak up the feeling of being with Spirit. What does it feel like in your head? Your heart? Your gut? Your toes? Try and take that feeling with you as you go back to your usual activities. See if after a while, you can connect with Spirit anywhere.
  • Get personal with Nature. Befriend a tree, dance with the clouds, sway with the wind... really celebrate, appreciate and get closer to nature than you ever have before.


Guest bio

Dr. Wendy Nickerson is a Licensed Psychologist, Integrative Health Coach in holistic mental health care, speaker,and author of Wild Women Never Get the Blues: How to Tap Into Your Intuition to Create Your Best Life.

She's the founder of the Nickerson Institute of Integrative Health Training, offered accredited training courses for Integrative Health Coaching, Corporate Integrative Health Coaching, and Highly Sensitive Training for Mental Health Professionals (which was co-developed with Jeannette).

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