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Hibernate or Fabricate?

HSPs & Empaths - fabricate the effects of summer with these fun activities

For those of us who live in a cold weather climate, it can be easy to crawl into our caves and hibernate 'til Spring. But for HSP/empaths, this can put us into an energy hibernation where everything is heavy and sluggish.  And we're not talking about just our physical or mental energy — our emotional and spiritual energy suffer, too! 

To help keep your spirit sunny over the winter, try one of these fun activities:

Another grounding technique is to put your bare hands on the tree & breathe

GET OUT AND PLAY (or just breathe)

Once our kids get to the age where they go to the mall instead of the ice rink, we tend to hang up our own skates and soon forget how vibrant and alive we felt playing outdoors. Yet we don't necessarily need to participate to benefit from the joyful energy of watching the kids on the sledding hill or skating in the park. Simply being around the energy of others playing can give us a boost. 

And while physical activity obviously offers huge health benefits, most of that can still be achieved at the gym. The outdoor activities that can benefit HSP/empaths is breathing and grounding. Try doing this exercise for five minutes each day:

  • Find a favorite tree in your backyard or neighborhood and position yourself next to it
  • With your feet shoulder distance apart, inhale deeply from above your crown chakra (above the tree top) down into your core (like the trunk of the tree)
  • Exhale from your core down and out the bottoms of your feet (like the roots of the tree)
  • Repeat this process, imagining yourself as the tree — inhaling through the top, exhaling into your roots


Have a tropical party! Call your friends and tell 'em to pull out their Hawaiian shirts and shorts. With a few party decorations, some tropical music and umbrella drinks, you can create the warm, high-energy atmosphere that stimulates those happy "summer" hormones.

Summer your space. You can create the energy of summer by picking a room or a corner and filling it with colorful decor, tropical lights and  exotic flowers (moth orchids are especially beautiful and easy to grow). Just like you would use a zen space for meditation, this space serves to rejuvenate your summer senses.

Turn on some hot flicks. Forget Love Actually and Ground Hog Day. Pull out all your summer favorites and soak up the feelings of love in the sun and surf. Here are a few of my top picks:

  • 50 First Dates (Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore)
  • The Love Letter (Kate Capshaw, Ellen DeGeneres)
  • Mamma Mia (Meryl Streep and other great talents)
  • My Father the Hero (Gérard Depardieu, Katherine Heigl)
  • The Last Song (Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth)
  • Zeus and Roxanne (Steve Guttenberg, Kathleen Quinlan)

The more you can surround yourself with the summer vibration (external sensory stimulation) and plug in your imagination, the more you will shift that slow, sluggish winter energy to the brighter, lighter energy.



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Jeannette Folan
Jeannette is the author of the novel "Diary of a Teenage Empath" and two HSP/Empath workbooks for children & teens. She is an Integrative Health Coach who, with her mentor Dr. Wendy Nickerson, launched the first-ever accredited HSP training program for mental health professionals. She leads an HSP community group in Halifax.
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