For HSPs/Empaths

Learning to be an HSP/Empath can be FUN!!!

Step into the lighter side of being sensitive

If you're anything like me, at one point or another you've become tired and discouraged learning about all this HSP/empath stuff. On one hand, I get that it’s a lot to take in and process – but does it always have to be so heavy?

I pondered that question until one day I realized —  This can be fun.  I can make it fun. So with the help of my dear friend, an advanced energy medicine practitioner, we created the FUN, interactive, multi-media workbook for HSP/empaths.

Take a peek at the fun you could be learning!

What's Your Style?

Did you know that there are SEVEN different learning styles? I learned about them while creating the Energy Skills workbook.

It can make a big difference, depending on which styles are dominant for you (or your child), how well the information is absorbed.  For example, if you're a social-physical learner, you are going to get less out of a lecture style program. That seems to be common sense, right?  Why, then, do we get down on ourselves when we can't get through that report at work?  Or get down on our kids when they don't do well in a particular class?

If we could learn everything using our dominant style, imagine how brilliant we'd be!  We'll learn next time about how each style can impact HSP/empaths. But first, Take this test to discover what your dominant style is.

Jeannette Folan
Jeannette is the author of the novel "Diary of a Teenage Empath" and two HSP/Empath workbooks for children & teens. She is an Integrative Health Coach who, with her mentor Dr. Wendy Nickerson, launched the first-ever accredited HSP training program for mental health professionals. She leads an HSP community group in Halifax and advocates for HSPs in the mental health community.
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