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Diary of a Teenage Empath


Diary of a Teenage Empath - The Awakening

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The empath descriptions and exercises in this book are an amalgam of information gathered from books, webinars, videos, and blogs; discussions with spiritual healers and professionals; as well as the author's own experiences.  Yet the book is still a work of fiction, so while many of the definitions, descriptions and exercises relating to HSPs and empaths are real, some have been embellished or abbreviated for the purpose of the story.

The best way to explore the empath trait is to do your own homework and monitor your own feelings and experiences.  There are many websites and books by qualified professionals (Ph.D.s, therapists) to help you discover if you identify with empath traits — and now there is a workbook designed specifically as a guide for self-awareness, development and applying your empath superpowers.

Discovering you are an empath might feel like a gigantic weight has been lifted and that your life suddenly makes perfect sense.  Hurray!   But be aware that it is not a reason to discontinue any traditional counseling you may currently be doing.  Furthermore, learning to manage the effects of being an empath is not an alternative to taking any medications you've been prescribed.  Seriously.  That said, there are biofield therapy professionals who can work with your traditional doctors to help you have the quality life you are here to live.

The blog will provide information, links, resources and tools for empaths and HSPs alike.

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