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Diary of a Teenage Empath

The Jungle

Did you know that the Amazon jungle in South America covers 5,500,000 square kilometres of land?  That's still probably not as many boxes as Amazon shipped last year.


The Publisher

Save about $5 bucks when you buy the hardcover or paperback direct from the publisher's website.  They're not only cheaper, they're really nice people, too.

The i Everything

Is there anything this company doesn't sell? Computers, music, movies, games, apps, books.  Next thing you know, they're going to be selling... apples.

My Mom's Favorite Store

She was going to boycott them if they didn't sell my book -- so you can order hardcover, paperback and Nook versions here! Thanks for the support mom.


From Canada, eh?

These folks started their company in 2009 with the belief that reading makes the world a better place. Those crazy Canadians.

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