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Single-User / Personal Use 

This workbook is ideal for individuals wanting a self-study program or for parents looking to guide their children through the exercises.

The user agreement is for a single-user license of the Energy Skills Workbook for personal use only. It may not be loaned, sub-licensed, transferred or sold in part or in whole. Nor may it be edited, copied, or duplicated.

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Professional Use for Coaches & Counselors

For care professionals working with highly sensitive clients, this workbook can be used either as a reference for specific topics and energy exercises, as a step-by-step guided program, or as supplemental education/support for the client.

The professional agreement is nonexclusive and does not allow for loans, sub-licensing, or transfers of the workbook. A wholesale discount is offered for client copies. Please send an email request to obtain your promo code.

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Schools (including student clubs, teachers and counselors)

Ideal for peer-group clubs or as a guide in one-on-one or small group counseling.

This is an annual license exclusively for schools registered with their local Department or Ministry of Education. It allows for multi-user distribution within the school staff and study body. The license does not allow for editing, sub-licensing or selling of the workbook in whole or in part. It may not be copied or shared with anyone not designated in the user license.

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*Please note that schools can also pay by check.

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