The Book

Diary of a Teenage Empath


Diary of a Teenage Empath - The Awakening

The Main Character

Jenny is 15 going on 30. Being an only child and an introvert, she grew up without many friends — unless you count her umpteen stuffed animals. Her childhood was relatively boring, although there were a couple years when a bully kid next door shot bb's at her when she was in her pool; and once he ran over her with his bike.  To this day she does not understand why anyone would do that.

She never participated in team sports or clubs at school, but her interests were many. She taught herself how to juggle when she was twelve, and to play guitar, which she acquired for $15 at a neighbor's garage sale.  Growing up, her parents were "textbook" — they helped her with schoolwork, took her trick or treating, and made photo albums of their educational outings and picnics at the beach. They rarely fight and always go to bed at the same time.

As a young adult, Jenny is beginning to embrace her own identity. She prefers a vegetarian diet, although she does not expect her parents to accommodate her. She has dreams of working in the music business or any job that would offer world travel. She doesn't get into technology the way most kids her age do. And she believes that there is much more to the world than meets the eye.

Jenny's Theme - "Sacrifice Me"

Seeing as how Jenny lives and breathes music, the author of the book knew that she needed to have her own theme song.  What words could describe the hopelessness that Jenny first felt, not understanding what was happening in her mind and body?  Or how much courage it took her to make the choices she did after discovering she was an empath?   Was there a melody that could convey the detachment she felt from the world around her?  Or the sorrow, anger, and relief that finally came?  

Sacrifice Me expresses the depth of Jenny's soul at her most fragile and most courageous self.

Written by Jeannette Folan and performed by Canadian artist, Taryn Kawaja.

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