Energy Modes Guidebook

understanding how our energy affects our relationships
(and how we can shift it)


The 3 Inherent Energy Modes of Empaths

This 18-page guide unpacks the three common energy modes that affect our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies, and influence our relationships to self and others. By learning to recognize each mode, you will be able to implement practices that can shift you into a healthier state, generating high-vibration feelings that reverberate through your life and relationships. Includes energy entrainment exercise.

The guidebook's layout is super mobile-friendly and compatible with all devices. The text is easy to read with minimum scrolling required.

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Morning Energy Routine for HSPs & Empaths

A 25-page mobile-friendly guidebook with 13 exercises to get your mind-body-spirit connected and powered up for a fantastic day!

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Releasing the Energy of the Critical Self

Learn how to use the mind-body-spirit connection to release self-judgement in this 90-minute class I co-facilitated with Dr. Michael Smith of Empath Connection.

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Identity, Boundaries & Relationships Video Training

This one-hour training dives deep into the psychology of HSP/Empath relationships, offering assessments, strategies, tools and bonus material.

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